Portable Restrooms

Construction Waste Site Services

In the construction industry, a successful project depends on the best sub-contractors. Timberline Disposal provides reliable and responsive services for your construction waste and portable restroom needs.

Portable restrooms – We will drop off and pick up your porta potty rental at the scheduled date and time. With our “unit on-site” you will not be embarrassed to have an owner or potential owner use the facilities. We will provide a service schedule for your restroom as long as the unit is at your site.

The new impact base has an open grid floor design which allows three times as much fresh air to circulate throughout the restroom. In addition, it comes with a smooth floor cover for those special instances in which the end user requires a smooth floor. A three roll of toilet paper holder and a large door latch that can be operated with the elbow rather than by hand to help prevent the spread of germs. There is also a “hover handle” on the inside of the door for use by those who do not wish to sit directly on the seat.

Standard Unit

Features Include
    • Maximum ventilation
    • Roomy interior
    • Anti-slip floor surface for improved safety
    • Occupancy signal latch
    • Three tissue rolls, compared to our competition that only offers 2 rolls per unit
    • Sanitary seat deck and floor design
    • Translucent roof for better lighting 
    • All units are equipped with alcohol based hand sanitizer dispensers


 Accessible Unit

Features Include
    • All new door design that features:
      • Indention on top of door allows for the addition of a Ryobi soft door closure
      • New rotary latch makes it easier for the disabled to use and easier to spot if the unit shows that it’s locked but has no occupant
      • Smaller gap on bottom than the older door (more privacy, less debris blowing into the unit)
      • Hinges now on the same side as other units so door opening is easier to service and to set up rows of units
      • More molded-in ribs for extra strength
      • Lighter door, minimizes the stress on the jamb and reduces the chances for door sag.  Also lightens weight for entire unit
    • Barrier-free door siill.  Extra-wide door fits all wheelchairs
    • Spacious interior for wheelchair maneuverability
    • Handrail supports for assisted mobility
    • Privacy latch
    • occupancy indicator
    • Roll-in, ground level floor access


Features Include

  • Over 5,000 uses before refilling
  • Easy set-up and lightweight – only 30 pounds when empty, but more than 200 pounds when base is filled with sand or water
  • Secure: Locking canopy and foam dispensers protest supplies
  • Large view window on dispensers allows quick monitoring of sanitizer levels
  • No water, no problem! Alcohol-free antiseptic foam kills 99% of germs, including Corona Virus, E. coli and Salmonella







Heated Portable Sink

Features Include

  • Reinforced Rod Hinges
  • Integral Keyless Locking Hasp
  • Improved Soap Dispenser Plates to Mix & Match Dispenser Types
  • Improved Handles for Easier Movement
  • New Fill Port
  • New Rotomolded Sink Base







Compact In-Unit Handwasher

Features Include


This compact in-unit handwash has a water-conserving “fan spray” nozzle and still has a generous amount of fresh water for a high number of washes per fill. The foot pedal is positioned so users can operate the unit easily and get a thorough washing with limited pumps.The forearm version has an oversized basin that lets the user wash all the way past the elbow and still leaves plenty of interior space.

  • 10-gallon freshwater capacity
  • Offer your customers fresh water hand washing
  • Narrow design helps it stay out of users’ way and conserves interior space

Flushable Units

Features Include


This unique fresh flush system features a plastic flapper bowl that hides waste from view and seals tight to reduce odor.

Special Event Services


Special days require special planning when the comfort and health of your guests are of paramount importance. There is no reason why your outdoor event can’t be as clean and comfortable as being at home. With our knowledgeable staff and “more home-like” portable restrooms you can be confident in your choice to entertain outdoors.

A well-planned, executed sanitation contract will ensure that your guests have a wonderful time at your event. Exit surveys agree that inadequate restroom facilities are a primary reason for leaving early.