Frontload Containers:

2 Yard container

3 Yard container

4 Yard container

6 Yard container

8 Yard container

Flat Top Container:

6 Yard Container

8 Yard Container

Commercial Toters:

Commercial Trash

  • 64 Gallon Cart
  • 96 Gallon Cart

Commercial Recycling

  • 64 Gallon Cart
  • 96 Gallon Cart

Bear Resistance Toter

  • 64 Gallon Cart
  • 96 Gallon Cart

Bear Containers

Protect your favorite bruin with our variety of commercial, bear resistant metal trash dumpsters. Timberline Disposal has the largest selection of bear containers available in the area. These containers feature metal lids (and side doors for certain sizes) with several different locking options and container door configurations. We will explain the benefits of each type of bear containers to help you choose one that is right for you.


Keep sensitive paperwork private, reduce retail shrink, and eliminate unauthorized use with our locked dumpsters. You control the combination lock to access our EZ-Lock dumpsters. The container remains locked until it is elevated high in the air and angled to a certain degree by our truck. When the container reaches that tipping point an internal mechanism releases, unlocking the unit so the waste can be deposited into our truck. The lock bar returns to the normal locked position when the container is placed back on the ground.

Cardboard Recycling at Your Business

Cardboard Recycling at Your Business We provide metal containers at businesses for cardboard recycling. The cost of this service is less than the cost of disposing of the cardboard into a local landfill. Not only does it save you money, it diverts the materials from the landfill.

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