Exceptional Customer Service

Timberline Disposal is located in Silverthorne, Co. When you dial our local number you will reach local representatives who live, work, & play in our service areas, not a call center in a distant state. We representatives from the areas we service, we are able to make decisions as members of this unique community. We continue to live up to our commitment to provide a local service with unparalleled knowledge, value, and safety.

Unparalleled Level of Experience

Our local management team has more than 30 years’ experience working in the sustainability, recycling, and waste industry. The Timberline Disposal team is passionate about service and takes pride in educating locals about intricate issues related to our environment and the logistics of delivering these types of services within our mountain setting. The professional training, experience, and knowledge of the management team and employees at Timberline Disposal is unmatched. We are your local company working to provide solutions that utilize forward-thinking and socially conscious methods to optimize the management of these materials.

Working to Save You Money

Our fees are often lower than our competitors. We work diligently to hold our costs down in what is arguably one of the toughest physical environments for a company such as ours. Distance plays a very impactful role in the cost of our services. We all know that the cost of living in our beloved mountains is higher than a community at lower elevation and closer to population centers, but the lure of our special place keeps us all focused on providing value.

Local Connections

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People are drawn to the natural beauty, open spaces, and strong community bonds that are created here. Despite that, this can be a tough place to earn a living. We get it, and we value your relationship, your time, your desire to manage costs, and your need to speak with someone who understands your needs–someone local. We take nothing for granted and hope you’ll reach out to us to learn how we can provide you with thorough, timely, cost-effective, professional services without all of the extra fees and without the disconnect of speaking to someone in another part of the country when what you’re really looking for is top-notch, quality customer service right here. When you pay for our services, it doesn’t go out of state–it keeps local people employed.