Residential Services

For homes that require bear-proof containers, we have a variety of options that are spacious and secure. For condos, apartments, and other multi-dwelling units, we provide easily accessible dumpsters with locks to keep your waste secure from unauthorized use and prevent animals from getting into it.

Business Services

Timberland Disposal offers a wide variety of commercial trash containers and recycling containers for businesses, shopping plazas, apartments, condominium complexes, Homeowners Associations, ranches, and more. Our front-loading trash containers improve collection efficiency and our trucks spend much less time on your property. Front load containers give you the most space because the containers have a smaller footprint meaning they will take up less space on site.

Contractor/Construction Site Services

We understand the need to keep a construction site clean while also maintaining accessibility throughout the site. We provide a variety of dumpsters in various sizes and configurations to best serve contractors at construction sites.

Portable Restrooms

In the construction industry, a successful project depends on the best sub-contractors. Timberline Disposal provides reliable and responsive services for your construction waste and portable restroom need.

V.I.P. Restroom Trailers

Review all of our many options for VIP Restroom Trailers.

Special Events

We provide waste and restrooms for Special Events including festivals, sporting events, weddings and community gatherings.